Environmental Management

GUS is committed to environmental preservation in challenging environmentally sensitive areas, both onsite and offsite, through environmental conscientious training and site reinstatement.

Environmental Management Plan

GUS has successfully worked in challenging environmentally sensitive areas under permit conditions issued by clients, and the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

Our Environmental Management Plan outlines GUS’s commitments and responsibilities to the natural, heritage and human environments.

Such environments include:

  • Threatened species communities
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Rivers, waterways and coastal areas
  • National Parks and reserves
  • Areas of historic value, and Aboriginal Heritage areas
  • Places of public gathering i.e. schools, sports grounds, events, residential areas and hospitals.

Site Environmental Risk Assessment

Where required GUS conducts a Site Environmental Risk Assessment to identify any disturbance risks to the environment at a site. Environmental protection measures are put in place to minimise any risks found.

Disturbance risks to the environment include:

  • Noise and dust
  • Clearing native vegetation
  • Erosion and sediment
  • Chemical
  • Waste
  • Visual
  • Accessibility